Straight on, towards a new idea. 

LEVEL is a new way of thinking about light: it combines the lightness of a cable system with the functionality of a track. Thanks to its flexibility it is easily transportable and can be cut to size. The simplicity of the system translates into installation speed.

LEVEL can be mounted on a wall, ceiling or wall to ceiling. LEVEL is a 48V system developed for both direct and indirect lighting. It integrates 2 external conductors that allow you to reposition the sources with a simple gesture, where you want and countless times, without cutting the cable.

The system can mount different sources using an innovative conveyed wave technology for the control and dimming of the LED circuit.

LEVEL is a flexible cable system that integrate itself into the lighting project to respond to the multiple demands of architecture.

Internally, it includes 2 steel tensioning cables that allow you to make stretches up to 10 m in length.
The internal pin system of the connections, allows to rotate the cable horizontally at 180°.
Infinite positions for unlimited uses.
The system is equipped with indirect light sources and direct light spot sources.

LEVEL is electrified at 48V to overcome voltage drop limit.

Cube wall fixing
Ceiling spacer
Light source
Cube wall fixing
The installation is completed with remote or visible 48V power supplies.
Cube tilted fixing

LEVEL can be installed with wall or ceiling attachment.
The ceiling spacer allows you to make the most of the indirect light of the optional LED strip.
The tensioning system rotates 180° allowing multiple installation possibilities. Attachments include turnbuckles.
The maximum length allowed for the installation is 10 meters.
Maximum load of the light sources, 2.5 kg.

The cable, made of insulating plastic material, is available in three different finishes: black, transparent and white.
The exposed conductors facilitate the connection of the light source.

The cable is equipped with nickel-plated copper conductors for conducting the voltage [48V – Max 150W] and a double steel cable for its tensioning [Max 10 meters].
It is supplied with 40 cm of excess to facilitate the installation phase [5 m = 5.40 m / 10 m = 10.40 m].

Level cable Letroh

The cable, properly prepared, is inserted into the tensioning devices.
The electrical conductors are connected to the power supply through the harness with connectors included in the tensioner assembly package.
The connection of the LED strip remains separate for indipendent light.
A magnetic cover and a final finishing cover are fixed at the end of the tensioning of the cable and of the connections.

The shape of the cable allows the installation of a LED strip [optional 13W/m, 48V maximum width 10mm] for indirect lighting.
The light emission of the LED strip enlights the cable in its transparent version.
The 48V LED strip has an IP54 degree of protection, obtained through protection with nano technologies for best lumen yield and best color rendering.

Letroh level strip led

The quick coupling device, combined with the exposed conductors, allows easy installation and repositioning of the source without the need for tools.

ZOOM “ONE BY ONE” uses an innovative power line communication technology for the control and dimming of the LED circuit.
By combining the 150W driver [40201] with the sources, they can be managed one by one [DALI / DALI 2]. ZOOM is also available in the PWM dimmable version: in this solution the sources are managed all together [DALI, Isolated pushbutton, 100K Linear Potentiometer, 0-10V Passive, 1-10V Passive].

The LEVEL system cable can also be installed towards the wall to obtain diffused lighting.
The distance to be considered from the wall must be between 1 m and 1.5 m depending on the height of the ceiling and the type of light effect to be obtained.

The LEVEL system consists of the following products: