The electric revolution of the NODO system in a readyto- use version.
NODO PLUG-IN allows you to create installations even in the absence of a power point on the wall.
All you need is a nearby power outlet and, through the supplied 200cm electric cable, the system will be ready for use.
The kit is shipped already assembled.
Everything is completed with the NODO BOX sockets, with the accessories and with the MINI and NUO reading lamps.

Just fix the track to the wall, using the supports provided, and plug it in.
A single code that brings together the essential elements of the system: the product is supplied pre-assembled and shipped in a single package.
16A for a maximum load of 3840W, 200 cm wiring covered in anthracite fabric with standard Germany plug included.
Upon request, NODO PLUG-IN can also be ordered in a special size.


Electrical conductors in copper inserted in a profile of insulating material [glow wire 850°].
When connected to single-phase alternating current, the maximum load is 16A [3840W].
NODO PLUG-IN allows the socket and light elements to be powered at any point of the track.
It is possible to install the system on the wall or fixed on a worktop.
When the rail is wall mounted the open side should face down.
The rail can be cut to size by a qualified technician.
During installation, keep the minimum distances from any obstructions to allow the insertion of sockets, lights and accessories.

Made in compliance with the safety standards for lighting systems and electrical conduits [CEI-EN 61534-1/21 and CEI-EN 60598-1] to be installed in compliance with the law in accordance with current system regulations.
NODO is protected by an international industrial invention patent.
The kit includes the track, the fixing supports, the power supply harness with plug (length 180 cm) and the closing terminals.
To be completed with NODO BOX electrical sockets, NUO and MINI lamps and accessories.

The Shuttle slide device is operated with a simple gesture that makes the mechanical coupling of the socket and light elements to the track and their electrical power supply possible at the same time.
The integrated phase selection switch lets you choose which of the 3 lines on the track to connect each element.

Left kit

100 cm
13010 Silver
13310 White
13510 Black

150 cm
13015 Silver
13315 White
13515 Black

200 cm
13020 Silver
13320 White
13520 Black

250 cm
13025 Silver
13325 White
13525 Black

300 cm
13030 Silver
13330 White
13530 Black

Kit made up of aluminum track, wiring with plug, terminals and wall supports.

Right Kit

100 cm
12010 Silver
12310 White
12510 Black

150 cm
12015 Silver
12315 White
12515 Black

200 cm
12020 Silver
12320 White
12520 Black

250 cm
12025 Silver
12325 White
12525 Black

300 cm
12030 Silver
12330 White
12530 Black

Kit made up of aluminum track, wiring with plug, terminals and wall supports.


Kg 1 / 100 cm

Kg 1 / 100 cm

The kit is completed with: