LEVEL is a new way of thinking about light: it combines the lightness of a cable system with the functionality of a track.
Thanks to its flexibility it is easily transportable and can be cut to size.
The simplicity of the system translates into installation speed.


NODO, a subtle electrical revolution.
NODO is an innovative track that lets you position and move sockets, lighting fixtures and accessories wherever and whenever you want with a simple gesture and without tools.


SURFACE is the completion of the LETROH proposal as it allows to use the same light sources of the LEVEL, NODO, VIAVAI systems.
The light sources of the SURFACE range integrate into the environment
with design coherence in wall, recessed and ceiling installations,
guaranteeing the same characteristics of light and aesthetic finishes of the systems.


VIAVAI is a line of 48V linear systems, characterized by innovative solutions unique in the panorama of architectural lighting.
We have combined the functionality of low voltage tracks with the practicality of linear lighting profiles in a single product.